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Jessica’s treatment included many rounds of chemotherapy, the amputation of her right leg, and surgery to remove tumours from her lungs. Having something to look forward to gave Jessica the strength she needed to fight her cancer.  She cherished trips with family, new experiences, and the chance to find joy each day. The mission of Jessica’s Wish is to provide resources during treatment enabling other youth and their families to live in hope.

This might mean providing funding so that a family without resources is able travel to stay with their child during treatment, or paying the rent or utility bill for parents that have had to miss work without pay. It could mean funding to seek alternative treatment, or sending a family to the movies to just have fun and forget about cancer for a moment.  Jessica showed us the power hope, fun, and family can have in the life of a child.

On our website we will tell the stories of the people you have helped and the difference you have made in the life of a child, a family, and a community.  Jessica’s story is compelling, it is important that it be told and not forgotten, it can change the world.  So too can the stories of others.

About our logo, the cherry blossom:  Days before she died, Jessica realized her dream of being tattooed.  It was for her, a meaningful way of expressing herself and her experience.  She chose the cherry blossom because “it has a short, but beautiful life”.  A perfect analogy of her time on earth and a sign to us not to grieve, but to celebrate her beautiful life.  After she died we learned that in the Japanese culture, a fallen cherry blossom symbolizes a warrior whose life has been cut short in battle.  Jessica was a fighter, a warrior.  We know of no better way to honour her life than to continue her fight.

Jessica wished for a cure, she wished for time with family and to travel the world, she wished to help youth fighting cancer and their families, she wished to use her suffering to make a positive difference, she wished to leave her mark on the world. In her name, with her same hope and in honour of her passion for life we invite you to become part of Jessica’s Wish.

Jessica’s Wish