"Thank you Jessica's Wish for all that you continue to do for our hospital and our kids... I hope you realize the difference you make for our children and their families."

Jan Guerin

Senior Development Officer

Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation

Have you ever felt that WHAT you give doesn’t really matter?  When you think about it, you’re not convinced that IT makes a difference?  Well, you’re right... or almost right!

WHAT we give, is not WHAT’s important!  Through the generosity of our donors in 2012, Jessica’s Wish Foundation has fulfilled requests from families for a night out to see Cats, Van Halen, Blue Man Group, Metallica, productions at the Mayfield Dinner Theatre and the Citadel, and in October, Justin Bieber!  We’ve sent families to movies, dinner, a hockey game, the spa, Build-A-Bear, the zoo, the science centre, the museum, to Jasper, Calgary, Drumheller, and Niagara Falls... and sometimes, just for a coffee.  We helped to create a beautiful bedroom, repainted, redecorated and redesigned for a young girl whose wish was to be at home with her family.  We bought a bed for an oncology patient who was waking up in pain, but whose parents did not have the resources for a new one.  We provided a gift certificate for clothing to a father who sacrifices and neglects his own needs, and gives everything to support his daughter fighting cancer.  Mother’s Day Tea at the Stollery and gifts for families in need at Christmas... taken care of!  We’ve awarded scholarships to promote leadership and community involvement, with the goal of continuing Jessica’s Wish and spirit of giving far into the future.  And that’s just SOME of WHAT we’ve done!

But, the STUFF we give, is not WHAT we give.  When Jessica was sick with cancer, her family and her community suffered with her.  A family with a sick child is suffering. They are scared, they are worried, and sometimes they feel very alone in their journey.  You have given families hope, you have given families joy, and most importantly you have said, you are not alone.  It’s not WHAT you give, but THAT you give which makes a difference!  You have said to those in need, we are your community, a human family to which we all belong, and we are with you in your suffering, and in your joy.  For THAT, on behalf of Jessica, we can never thank you enough.

On November 9, 2012, don’t give until it hurts, give until there’s HOPE! 

Here are just a few of the things your generous support has enabled us to do this year!

Mother’s Day Tea at the Stollery!


Bedroom Make-over!

One of our Jessica Tait Scholarship winners, the lovely Sarah Vuong!